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Garry Morris has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. He started his career as Public Relations Coordinator for the daytime talk show Hour Magazine, hosted by Gary Collins. Then, as Vice-President of Intersound Inc., a Los Angeles-based Post Production facility, Garry helped grow a small, specialized sound facility with a 15 employee staff to a full-service audio and video post-production facility of 400+ full and part time employees.

In 1993, Intersound S.A de C.V. was incorporated, a Spanish-language dubbing studio in Mexico City. Garry, as President of the Mexico facility, helped establish ISSA as one of the most respected Spanish-language dubbing facilities in the industry. Both the U.S. and the Mexico facilities’ clientele included all the major motion picture studios, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX TV networks, as well as numerous independent film and commercial production companies.

In 2001, Garry, along with his partner Kent Harrison Hayes, founded Man of Two Worlds, LLC, an arts and entertainment development company. Since 2008, MOTW has produced films and a number of theatrical productions in Southern Utah.

Garry is also a professional actor and a member of the Actors Equity and SAG-AFTRA unions. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Antioch University in Ohio, and a Graduate in Acting from The London Drama Studio in London, England.

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Ned Cordery was born in Birmingham, England, and grew up in the London area. He worked as a Biomedical Scientist for a Fortune 500 Company. After some time, he transferred within the organization to the marketing division, where he became its in-house producer for the creation of their training and informational film and video programming. In 1969 Ned gave up smoking, bought his own 8 mm movie camera, and became hooked on filmmaking for life. Upon his official retirement, Ned and his wife Mary founded Goslands Studio, a company specializing in the production of training and informational films, with their primary clients being the brewing and civil engineering industries. Ned and Mary currently live in Southern Utah and enjoy participating in the thriving filmmaking activities in the area. Ned has a long history with AMPS, having served as a prior President of the organization, as well as a member of AMPS’ judging panel.

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Kent Harrison Hayes has over 30 years of administrative, management, marketing and public relations experience in the entertainment industry. For 25 years Hayes served as President of Intersound Inc., a Los Angeles-based Audio / Video Post Production facility, specializing in language dubbing and subtitling, video editing and duplication, DVD replication and digital video streaming, as well as DVD commentary for home video distribution. Over a 25-year period, Hayes oversaw the expansion of Intersound from 15 employees to 400+ employees.

In 1993 the decision was made to expand the business to Mexico City, where Hayes served as Vice President. The newly formed company, Intersound S.A. de C.V. (ISSA), quickly became one of the most respected Spanish language dubbing facilities in the business. Clientele for both the U.S. and Mexico City facilities included all the major motion picture studios, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX TV networks, as well as numerous independent film and commercial production companies worldwide.

Hayes has served on various Boards over the years, including the World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA), from whom he received its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006. In 2001, Kent, along with his partner, Garry Morris, founded Man of Two Worlds, LLC, an arts and entertainment development company. Since 2008, MOTW has produced films and a number of theatrical productions in Southern Utah.

Hayes is also a professional actor and musician and a proud member of Actors Equity Association, SAG-AFTRA and the Songwriters Guild of America. Hayes attended Weber State University and the University of Utah, majoring in Liberal Arts.

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June Pace has been an arts supporter, environmental advocate and entrepenuer for over 25 years. An artist herself, she previously owned and operated the Painted Pony Restaurant and Bella Donna Boutique. She's been a board member of Envision Utah for over 15 years. Envision Utah’s mission is one that “engages people to create and sustain communities that are beautiful, prosperous, healthy and neighborly for current and future residents.”

June was host of Dixie Commentary, a Utah television talk show that focused on local politics and community events. She’s traveled extensively and has lived both in England and France. June attended college in California and studied the Romantics and Irish literature at Oxford for a year. She is currently a contributing writer for Etched Magazine. June loves films and filmmaking, and is excited to serve on the AMPS Board.

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Ellen Reiterman doesn’t remember a time when she hasn’t been an arts advocate. Even at the tender age of eight she was involved in the performing arts as producer, director and star of her own puppet show! Over the years Ellen’s interest has primarily been behind the scenes in live performances. She’s worked as sound technician, lighting technician, stage manager and director. On occasion she’s also been known to wander out on stage as actor, dancer and improvisational performer.

Ellen is delighted to serve on the AMPS Board. Her interest in film has grown over the years. A few years ago she was a participant in the creation of a film that had a 48-hour deadline. That film project once again underlined her strong support for the creative process and for those who work the long hours and do the hard work to make a film.

Ellen has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from UC Santa Cruz, a Certificate of Achievement in Early Childhood Education, and recently completed the Washington Improv Theatre’s program in long­form improvisation. Ellen looks forward to supporting AMPS and cheering on all the filmmakers!

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Eric Young is Director, Social Media Track of the Media Studies Degree at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah.  Eric has produced and/or directed film and video productions for the past 23 years with over one hundred credits.  Past projects have included The Mountain Meadows Massacre - a feature length documentary, Ancestors - a thirteen-part documentary series on PBS, and Kava Kuo Heka, The Royal Kava Ceremony of Tonga, a documentary on the Tongan culture for the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii.  Mr. Young has an M.Ed degree from Southern Utah University focused on Communication Instruction and Development. 

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